Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stampin' Up Convention or Bust!

About a year ago when other friends and SU demonstrators returned from last year’s convention…, I take that back, it was when they were at convention and I got a glimpse of the excitement from their photos and Facebook postings that I decided I was going to convention the next year.  I started saving for the trip by putting away a little bit of cash each month in a special ‘travel’ savings account plus, as time grew nearer, I would put my earnings from groups in that account. Janice, my upline, said that she was ready to return to convention this year, too. So we started making plans to drive together and share a room to save on costs.
It was all said and done until April 17th when the excitement started to rise within me.  I completed my on-line registration and signed up for the classes and make-and-takes. Now, we knew the names of the stamp sets we would be getting, but had no idea what they looked like until the new annual and mini holiday catalogs were unveiled. So I waited again.
In the meantime, I wanted to know everything about convention, what do we pack, what type of clothing we should wear, what type of bag should I bring (roller, backpack, messenger, use the one SU will provide), how many swaps should I make, should I sign up for certain swaps or just go it alone and try and swap with everyone… mind raced. I knew I wanted to do something nice for Janice my roomie. What would be a nice gift for her? Well the information was wonderful from the SU Connections site, SUDSOL message posts and from my friends that had been there before. All the SU demonstrators are so kind and sharing of ideas (thank you). I did find the perfect bag to use at convention. It is a cross between a messenger bag and tote. It will be great on my shoulder, yet free to get swaps in and out of.
The new catalog came out and we saw the stamp sets we would be receiving. Then more convention talk stirred. I signed up for the SUDSOL Fronts Only swaps as I heard the best swaps were from SUDSOL. Well, that had me concern, too. Will my swaps be good enough? I turned to Janice for advice and she mentored me and gave me her stamp of approval on my swap.
Janice found a posting for “Roomies Wanted” for convention week; we checked into it and signed up. There will be 9 ladies sharing a house in SLC and, through email and Facebook; I now have 7 new friends that I will be meeting shortly. We seem to be all around the same age, spirit for life and stamping. Some are in the same classes and SUDSOL swaps and even one roomie is from the Sacramento area. Janice and I will be driving from Lincoln/Roseville to meet up with others in Reno before we make the loooooonnnng drive from there across to Utah.
Oh, SU had opened up a contest for a video commercial of Convention 2012, which I submitted an entry. Click here to see that submission:
Yes, I am that excited about convention as I am in the video.  
I did complete my SUDSOL swaps, my 12 x 12 double page swaps and then about 75 additional swaps for the ones I will encounter at the many different venues at convention. I think my kitty BonBon is wanting me to pack her up with my swaps.

This past weekend I have been finishing up everything, making roomie gifts, packing, and feeling like it is Christmas Eve. You know when you have a ton of things to do at the last minute, but can’t wait for the morning to be here to see the excitement on your families face. That’s me right now. The boys washed the car today, Dave filled the tank and everything,  except for the items I need in the morning, is packed and ready to go.  

Salt Lake City and Stampin Up here I come…………

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  1. What a nice post!! I loved reading your story... and I can't wait to hear all about your fun trip!! I'm sure you're having a blast!