Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wordfeud with friends

So for my 50th birthday in July, I purchased a 'smartphone' and some of my wonderful crafty friends have hooked me up with Wordfued. We play continously and at times it can be quite frustrating and exciting at the same time. Well this morning while reading the Sunday comic's I read Get Fuzzy and could not help but laugh. I truly feel like Satchel at times when I am trying to find that perfect word.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mojo Monday's

     Well what is Mojo Monday? I think that phrase could mean so many things to everyone, what it means to me is a great time to share my "Mojo" of Stampin' Up with wonderful, creative friends. Although I am not new to SU I am still pretty new to holding monthly workshopsand/or c lubs, and posting to a blog. But I have been blessed to have two great groups, first my Mojo Mondays where we mainly make cards and small craft projects (loving the Halloween crafts coming) and then my Saturday Scrappers, yes you guessed it we do Simply Scrappin' pages. Today I am posting cards from my last Mojo Monday, and I hope you like them.
     First is my attempt at Bling as you will see (I hope you will come back and see more), my cards are not very "blingy" but I do really like this card. The stamp sets are: Hello Doily and Tagastic (Hostess). The Doily is embossed in white and can I say it looks like a real doily? My bling is the extra pearls. 
     My next card is just a real sweet and simple card, the set Touch of Kindness is from the current Summer mini catty. And I just had to do something with this set, as I do love the kitties.
     And my last card is also a very simple card but yet so grand at the same time. I saw this set in a recent Stampin' Success and it spoke to me so much that I am going to use it for a Saturday Scrappin' too. It is simply called Sunflower - not a hard one to remember and the saying can be found in Pursuit of Happiness, also a really nice set of greetings.

     I have to say that the Sunflower and Simple Things card were both semi-cased and I would love to give the original creator a shout out but I am not sure where I saw it, I am so sorry but really do love them.

Thank you for taking a look - please come back again and I will have more to share. Kat

Friday, August 5, 2011

D is for Dog

Okay I like (love) the dogs too, just don't tell the cats.

C is for Cat

Of course my first love is CAT's but why do they spell it Cat, everyone knows cat is spelled Kat!