Friday, July 27, 2012

#Convention2012 ~ 2012 Convention Stampin' Up Classes

2012 Stampin' Up Convention i am...
#Convention2012 – Bonnie Thurber – I am Doing Business “My Way” - my first class at the 2012 Stampin' Up Convention - gave me some great recipes ideas for me to try!

#Convention2012 – Pam Morgan– I am Making Money - inspired me to talk with the Career Center here at convention to reset my path with SU and get me more bonuses.

#Convention2012 – Carrie Cudney – I am Open for Business - Who knew fishing could be a relatable topic for Stampin' Up, but Carrie did it.

#Convention2012 – Emily Montoya – I am Starting Out – more career plan information for Stampin’ Up – played some games and won a roll of ribbon – thank you Emily!

#Convention2012 –Donna Griffith – I am Savvy – Wow these project ideas were so great can’t wait to use them at my next workshop!
#Convention2012 – Brian Pilling – I am a Leader - I only have one down line so far but I plan to grow and be a great leader.
#Convention2012 - Jill Leigh - I am a First-Time Recruiter - Delightful!
Want to find out more about Stampin' Up and go to Convention 2013? Leave me a comment and I will show you how!

Exciting things are happening in August you don't want to miss out! (sneak peek)

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