Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New (Crafting) Year!

So, 2011 has come and gone and here is 2012? And for the life of me I cannot come up with a good slogan for 2012, mainly because I cannot think of a good rhyme for twelve......besides delve. Nope, don’t like it.

I would like to share a little bit of my crafting corner and my latest addition that will help to inspire me in the coming year. My upline manager Janice made this really beautiful framed art piece for me and it now hanging in my crafting “Kat” corner. Thank you Janice.

Yes, I really have only a corner of a room that I sit and create in. I would love to have a whole room to myself (a girl can dream) but for now it is just a corner, okay it spills out into the rest of the room a bit. It’s really is a nice little corner; my husband put in an L-shaped Formica counter top, some open shelving and overhead lights. Plus this past December I acquired a small TV and cable hooked-up for my corner and now I can watch HGTV, Lifetime and all the “chick-flicks” I want while creating. And at any given time I usually have at least one kitty with me in my “Kat” corner. In this photo is Missy, she is my biggest "helper".

Okay what about: Twenty-twelve – don’t be shelved or: Feeling swell in 2012! Hmmm,  that might work – what do you think?

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hello lovely Mz. Kat! What a cute post! I am feeling swell in twelve myself! Can't wait to see what comes out of the corner! hee hee. ♥♥♥