Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy October!

Have you ever had a feeling that you NEED to stop at a store, that something is calling you in there? Well, I did the other day. I was driving my youngest son Conner to his friend’s house and on the way I saw a sign, 50% off today, at a local thrift store. I already knew I wanted to go thrift store shopping for some Halloween costumes, so, I thought that was what was “calling” me to the store. I started my search for the costume items, but was coming up shorthanded. Why then was I in this store? Then, there it was sitting alone on the shelf, which I would swear it had its own flood light shining down on it and I heard angels singing, (that’s my story and I am sticking to it). Now many of you would think – So what a 2 foot ceramic pumpkin with feet, big deal – but it was only $5.99 and half off that, which meant it was mine for $3!
This silly 2 foot pumpkin with feet has been something I have wanted to purchase, but always thought – “Oh no Kat you can't spend money (have seen it for as much as $40) on something as trivial as a 2 foot pumpkin with feet”. So I swept up my wonderful find and brought it home to share my excitement with my family. Much to my dismay they were not as excited as I, except for my kitties. Simba and Missy, they had a ball climbing in and out of him (need to name him, can’t keep calling him the 2 foot pumpkin with feet).



So, next time you get that feeling that you NEED to stop at a store, call a friend, or do something that may not be in your plans for the day, I say listen to that feeling. You might never know what you will find.

Oh if you have any suggestions for his name, please leave a comment.

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