Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The NEW Catty is Here ~ The NEW Catty is Here!

Okay, I admit it has been forever and a day since I have posted to my blog....truth be told I am not a good blogger. There I said it. I always have good intentions and I have even taken pictures of the cards I have done this past year, but sitting down in front of the computer and actually posting them is that step that I haven't been able to complete. 

Yes, this past year has been different for me, on the 25th of this month it will be one year since my mom has passed. And even though my mom and I have seen things different for so MANY years, the death of a parent is still hard......okay this is not what I set out to post today (hence the title of this post had nothing to do with what I am going on about). 

On to NEW and exciting things - The NEW Catty is Here, The NEW Catty is Here! I do look forward to sharing the new Stampin' Up Catalog with my "peeps" each year and this year is no exception. 

I have planned a small get together tonight (I figure you are reading this in the morning) and I hope you all will get as much enjoyment from the new catalog as I have. There are many favorite stamps that carried over from the Occasional Catalog that I think you will be thrilled about and many new items too. 

Okay, enough said. If you would like your own 2016-2017 Catalog leave me a message and I will get one to you right away! 

If you want to place on order - click on the SU logo on the right hand side and it will direct you to my SU website. 

If you want the join in my excitement - click on the "Join My Team" on the right hand side and you too will know the joy of previewing the new catalog and sharing your love of stamping. 

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